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Thank you for continuing to be a loyal client at M&M Behavioral Health Solutions. Please be aware that even if you are not attending your appointments in the office, balances for copays and deductibles are still due.

You may use this page to make payments after each appointment, or you have the option to complete a Credit Card Authorization Form to give us permission to charge your card after each appointment, at the end of the month or at another specified time (ex. on/around the 15th of each month).

We do also understand that financial times may be tough right now. If you are having difficulties making your copays/payments in full, please contact the office at (410)766-6624 and request to speak to the billing department or send an email to We can work out a payment arrangement as we value your mental health and do not want you to discontinue services simply due to inability to pay.

However, please note that if you haven’t contacted the office regarding a payment arrangement, you may be subject to having your appointments “frozen” after 3 consecutive missed payments, so if you are having trouble, please be sure to contact billing.